Casey offers a perfect strategy card counting black jack computer.
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CASEY IN THE CASINOS- as used by Ken Uston

The following is a fascinating account of legendary blackjack player Ken Uston's use of Casey in the late 1970s. (At that time, Casey's code name was "George.") [Taken from Million Dollar Blackjack, by Ken Uston. New Jersey: Lyle Stuart Inc., 1981. Ch. 7, "The Perfect Blackjack Player," pp. 89-96.] (See Note below).


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NOTE:  I spoke with "Jerry H." some time ago and he assures me that Uston left some important information out of the story. There are some specific reasons that caused Uston's teammates to be detected. (1) The players in question were quite young; the girl placing the bets was barely 21; (2) Her 18 year old brother stood behind her and did the inputs which were then relayed to his sister via radio signals; (3) They played for hours on end, always with her young brother standing behind her, with his arms folded, working the inputs; (4) They were using a very aggressive betting strategy: She would bet $100 and then suddenly jump the bet to $1000. Their behavior, to say the least, was quite suspicious. After that unfortunate incident, the inventor decided to part company with Uston. His style of play was simply too aggressive for the inventor's taste. But then again, that's Uston - he was always flashy, a bit over the top, a great showman, and a legendary player in his time.




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