Casey, The Black Jack Computer
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"[Casey] is as close to a real money machine as I've ever seen in my life."

Ken Uston, Million Dollar Blackjack

"In only 22 days of play the Taft -Uston team won $130,000 using a Casey microcomputer."

Sports Illustrated

"The ultimate weapon in this war against the casinos is presently being field tested by a small, elite, special forces team. It is a small microcomputer concealed under the player's clothing. The small computer relieves the player of the mental burden of card counting. Prototype models of these computers cost about $15,000. From what I have heard they are well worth it having made their users many thousands of dollars."

Jerry Paterson, Blackjack's Winning Formula

"Casey is a winner!"

Arnold Snyder, Blackjack Forum


"Playing on a part time basis, I made a little over $100,000 at the end of my first year of playing with Casey."

Michael A., New Jersey

"Winning over 80% of all my playing sessions with Casey has made my playing career with Blackjack a much more profitable occupation."

Keith K., Marina del Rey

"Before using Casey it was all I could do just to keep an accurate running count, let alone convert to a true count and recall a number from a chart in order to make the correct play. Now I simply input the cards and Casey does the rest. Also, I can now carry on a conversation with the dealers and floor men since I am no longer concentrating on the cards."

Robert B., Los Angeles

"Casey is fantastic. In only three days of play I got my total investment back. At the end of five days I showed a tremendous profit."

Pat S., Portland

NOTE: For a full discussion of Casey's early development and successful use in the casinos, see the In The Casinos link.