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At Casey Computer Geeks we understand how important a computer can be to your business or personal life. This is why we provide world-class computer repair services to all our clients. Some of the services provided by our qualified technicians include firewall and Wi-Fi installation, data backup and recovery, and virus, spyware and malware removal. We also educate our customers on various programs and how to better maintain their computers.

- Desktop / PC Repair Services -

We understand that while you might knowledgeable on how to use your desktop computer, you may not have the required skills to repair it. Is your desktop making abnormal sounds? Is it getting slower? Does it have faulty components or giving you systems failure messages? Our technicians will investigate the issues, repair it and get it working like its new.

- Laptop Repair -

We all love laptops for the portability and functionality that they provide. They make it possible for you to catchup on you school or business tasks while on the go. However, with this versatility comes increased risks to computer related problems and damage. Our computer repair experts can handle any laptop repair need you may have. Some of the services include screen repairs, laptop speed and temperature issues, cleaning, access recovery, malware and virus removal, among others. Casey Computer Geeks will also offer you advices on how to properly take care of your laptop.

- Virus & Spyware -

There are many kinds of viruses and unwanted programs that can cause problems for your computer. If these are not handled immediately, they can cause various problems and even loss of files stored on your computer. Taking quick action and calling Casey Computer Geeks today will definitely save you time and money in the long run. Our technicians will remove virus and unwanted programs and install software to better protect your computer from future attacks.

- Restore Data -

We all store important documents on our computers. Some of the data contained in these documents may contain sensitive and crucial information for our business, financial or personal purposes. When you lose important documents, you no longer have to worry. Call our data recovery experts and they will help you recover them. We also go a step further and educate our customers on the importance of backups and how to do them so that they may not face the same issue again.